Never in a million years did I think this would be my problem. I’m 21 years old, healthy and ambitious and I’ve just enrolled it college. 

I went to visit my mother one day and we began to talk about my future. We talked about me becoming a maturnity nurse and what I wanted in the near future. At the time I wasn’t in a serious relationship just casual friend with benefits. 

My mother begin to tell me about her struggles of becoming a mother. She told me of the ladies having hereditary issues conceiveing. She advised me to go and have my doctor run test just to be sure that I wouldn’t fall into that category. So I did.

My doctor sent me for a Hydrosalpingogram at the local radiologist office. I wasn’t nervous just anxious to get it over with because I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to have issues conceiving. So after I disrobe and lay on the table I was told to be still. The Radiologist told me “you will feel cramping but try to bare with me”. They turned the monitor where I could view what was happening. He explained, I will be shooting dye into the uterus and watch it run threw your canal. If your tubes are open the dye will spill if not the dye will hit a dead end.

So as we watch the dye make its way through my uterus, then my tubes I asked the question? Where will it spill. The tech got quiet, at this time I am really cramping bad! He said, “ok your going to fill more pressure now”. The cramping intensified. I asked, “what do you see”? Did it spill? He said no, he added I also placed more pressure with additional dye and no luck. He said, we’re going to send you back to your primary doctor for a follow up to see what he suggest for you.

The following few days went by and now I’m finding myself worried about an issue that never concerned me. I thought well now what! I’ve always wanted to be a mother, not now but definitely in the future. I was only having this test because my mother advised it. OMG, now what. What if this isn’t fixable!

Today is my follow up. What do you know, my doctor confirmed the news. So now I’m being referred to fertility specialist to find alternatives or solutions. So he turns and says to me, your best bet is surgery to unblock your tubes. My eyes open wide and nervous I asked? Is that the only alternative, he says it’s more reliable than any other method. Lord knows I am scared to death of being put to sleep.

I go home upset, scared, disappointed and ever other emotion in the dictionary. I call my friend to talk, I was more upset than I had acknowledged at the time. I was pissed. Somewhere in the back of my mind regreting having the test as if that would have been better!! At the moment anything was better than the thought of surgery.

Surgery is scheduled 3 months down the line due to insurance preliminaries and testing. In the mean time I’m trying to not think about it. I kinda began sheltering myself, I tend to do that when I get in my feelings.

 So one day out of the blue my friend calls and wants to stop by. I haven’t seen him in a while and right now I can use a friend…distraction rather! We talked and one thing lead to another, we walked away with no expectations. He was aware of my story and what I was going through. So it was nice to have someone to talk to and get some of that off my chest. After that we didn’t talk or call one another, life went on.

The day before Surgery! I’m afraid! I went out to eat with my bff. We stuffed our faces because I knew I couldn’t eat after midnight. I went out and purchased an entertainment center and put it together just to focus on something else. I finally wore myself out and went to sleep.

Surgery day, OMG. My stomach is in knots. I pay my deductible and wait on my name. Finally my turn. The nurse calls me back, ask me all the normal questions. Made me pee in a cup, put on my gown, blue shoes, blue hair gear and placed my IV. I swear I just want to run out of the building! I’m siting in this chair just waiting and waiting. My doctor should have called me back by now! The nurse says, I’m sorry your doctor is running late. I say thank you, but in my mind I am cursing him and the damn nurse out! 

30 minutes later my doctor shows up with a Cheshire Cat smile. I’m not smiling, we could have been almost done by now damnit! He says to me” guess what”, I reply “what”. He says ” you don’t have to have surgery today”… my face gets upset. Lol My face shows emotional s before my mouth. Why not I ask, he says “because your pregnant”. I swear in my mind I paused for an hour!*&/£#* what almost dare you talking about, I can’t get pregnant, that’s why I almost dare here. That’s not my urine..take it over! The nurse called me back into the bathroom, I peed in a cup, and this time I stayed in the room to watch the text. Damn sure 2 lines. I could have fainted!! I felt like I was in a dream, he said I guesss when they did they Hydrosalpignogram the pressure of the dye broke a portion of the block loose. He said it is common and happens to patients.

We went back to his office to have an ultrasound right away. Would you look at that, their is a heartbeat! I was already 10 12 weeks pregnant. Oh my Lord! Now I am a mother of 3, just know anything is possible. Never give up, even when you feel defeated. 

True story